Interactive Brokers officially introduces Investors’ Marketplace

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IBKR), one of the major representatives of the Forex industry in the US, has today announced the official launch of the Investors’ Marketplace.

As LeapRate’s earlier report has stated, this is a new online service where traders and investors, financial advisors, fund managers, research analysts, technology providers, business developers and administrators can meet and do business together.

The Investors’ Marketplace enables participants to search for a wide variety of investment and other third-party service providers, as well as advertise their services to individual and institutional investors around the world. To advertise their services, advisors, money managers, hedge funds and brokers must have an account at IB. Other third-party service providers, such as compliance, legal and administrative firms, can list even without an IB trading account.

The Investors’ Marketplace has developed markedly following its beta launch earlier in 2015. It now hosts more than 300 advisors, brokers, money managers and hedge funds, upwards of 120 research providers, 75 administrative service providers and 295 participating technology providers.

The marketplace offers a variety of services:


The company notes that it currently has more than 300,000 customers, many of whom are sophisticated, high net-worth clients who may be eligible to invest a portion of their account in a hedge fund. The Investors’ Marketplace provides a means through which participating hedge funds can market their funds to IB clients who have been qualified as Accredited Investors and Qualified Purchasers.

Thomas Peterffy, founder, chairman and CEO of Interactive Brokers, commented on the recent launch:

“We believe that the Investors’ Marketplace will make it easier for the investment community to find the best value service providers, and for our participating service providers to more efficiently reach individual and institutional investors worldwide.”

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To view the official announcement, click here.

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