Integral hires EBS head of prime brokerage David Faulkner

Payback for EBS hiring Integral’s co-founder Viral Tolat earlier this year???

Integral Development Corp., a leading provider of FX trading solutions and services, announced today that David Faulkner has joined the firm as global segment head, banks. Mr. Faulkner spent 9 years at EBS in various roles, lastly as Manager of Prime Brokerage. (He had actually left EBS about 6 months ago, and according to his LinkedIn page was “in the garden”.

While we have no doubt that Mr. Faulkner was hired for his skills and expertise, we wonder if this is a bit of tit-for-tat between the two companies, after we reported back in January that EBS hired Integral co-founder Dr. Viral Tolat as its new CTO.

In a separate press release today, Integral announced that they (proudly) received a new patent, their third patent, which covers electronically sourcing prices from multiple locations.

For the entire Integral press release on David Faulkner click here.

For the entire Integral press release on the new patent click here.

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