EBS introduces API streaming service for the FX markets

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EBS, a provider of online trading systems and technology solutions to firms in the foreign exchange industry, today revealed that it will release an advanced API streaming service on its EBS Quant Analytics platform (formerly referred to as NEX Quant Analytics), an all-inclusive analytics tool operated on a community basis. 

The firm plans to launch the new feature in Q2 2019, which will stream information about trades, alpha calculations and market impact data for every trade placed by clients. Data aggregated from the full EBS ecosystem will form the backbone of the Quant Analytics system, which will generate insights that will enable the firm’s clients to optimize the execution of their trades, analyze order flow, and measure their performance against other traders in the EBS community. The statistics provided will include the averages of similar trades placed by other traders.

Seth Johnson, CEO, Cash Markets, CME Group

The CEO of the CME Group’s Cash Markets, Seth Johnson commented:

There’s currently nothing like this in the marketplace, and that’s exciting not only for us, but for the entire EBS community. The new API streaming service means that EBS clients can analyze their individual and relative performance more efficiently than ever before by consuming the data in real-time and in their own environments, ultimately helping them grow volumes and revenues.

Giovanni Pillitteri, Head of eFX Market Making, HC Technologies

The Head of eFX Market Making at HC Technologies, Giovanni Pillitteri added:

As trades occur, the real-time analysis of spreads, market share, hold times and post-trade mark-outs across the EBS community will be invaluable in improving our trade execution performance on a day-to-day basis.

EBS clients who trade through its EBS Market and EBS Direct platforms will have first access to the API streaming. The initial service will cover outbound analysis of trades executed on the EBS platforms, but the firm intends to launch an inbound service, which will allow clients to enter outside trades into the Quant Analytics system later in the year.

EBS was previously known as Nex Markets before being acquired by the CME Group. The CME Group recently launched a fully operational subsidiary in Amsterdam.

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EBS introduces API streaming service for the FX markets


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