Improved SaxoTraderGO offers new Dividends and Interest Details reports

Multi-asset trading and investment services provider Saxo Bank keeps enhancing its innovative trading platform SaxoTraderGO.

The latest set of novelties, outlined in Saxo’s newest monthly bulletin, includes new dividends and interest details report, as well as improved cash withdrawal module.

  • New Dividends and Interest Details Reports

The Dividends Report has been redesigned, with a number of new features added to provide traders with a better overview of the dividends paid by their stock and bond holdings. Interest Details provide traders with an overview of interest payments and deductions on their accounts.

The Dividends and Interest Details Reports can be filtered by date or by free-text search to filter by specific postings.


  • Enhanced Cash Withdrawal module

The Cash Withdrawal in the Account Section has been improved, enabling withdrawals details to be saved as a template for easy future access to one’s account details.


  • Export to Excel support for reports

Financial Statements, Account Statements, Trades Executed, Dividends and Interest Details reports now support export of the filtered results to an Excel sheet.

  • Internet Explorer 10 support for SaxoTraderGO to be discontinued

Following Microsoft’s end-of-support of Internet Explorer 10 from January 2016, Saxo will discontinue support of SaxoTraderGO in IE 10 in the near future. The company recommends the use of Chrome or IE 11 for SaxoTraderGO on Windows PCs.

You can view the full announcement about the enhancements to SaxoTraderGO by clicking here.

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