IG partners with InvestYourWay to offer personalized funds

British spread betting, CFD and FX firm IG Group has teamed up with compatriot investment management services provider InvestYourWay to offer its clients the opportunity to build funds according to their personal taste and preferences.

The InvestYourWay fund service is now integrated into IG Group’s platform PureDeal and enables the existing 85,000 clients to opt for personalized funds based on CFDs. InvestYourWay’s offering uses CFDs, however, it does not use leverage, so that is when IG’s menu of products is crucial.

Michael Newell, founder and chief executive of InvestYourWay, which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, insisted that the service’s main goal is to offer a unique product, tailored according to the portfolio and strategy of the client.

This means that the trader gets to pick the market and the region in which to invest, along with the amount of money to pump in the fund. Moreover, there are the personalization perks, the Add-ons, which allow funds to become truly unique. One more advantage is the ability of the clients to modify the fund after it is created – if you have a change of heart and no longer want to invest in the Asian market you can switch to Europe. As Newell puts it: “We go far beyond a simple risk score by allowing our clients to select the products which actually interest them. The result is an investment solution as unique as they are.”

InvestYourWay steps on the expertise of talents like: Mark Hemsley, chief executive of leading equities exchange BATS Chi-X Europe; Jack Vensel, ex-Global Head of Wholesale Services at Citigroup, and Steve Swanson, who was Global Co-Head of Electronic Trading at Citigroup.

The new service fits perfectly with the trend IG has been displaying over the past months: offering of customizable products to traders, so that they can get control over what they do and how they invest. An example is IG Labs, which officially went live in July this year, allowing clients to create trading apps and automate their trading via the firm’s proprietary technology.

The broker delivered another very pleasant surprise to its clients this summer by cutting the spreads on 42 pairs by up to 50%, as the company responds to growing competition in the retail Forex sector.

The official announcement on the partnership can be read here.

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