IG Group sees its shares rise 8% after reporting Q2 results

After a six month period of continually decreasing revenues, many companies across the entire FX industry have begun the announcement of preliminary financial results, the lion’s share of which indicate that 2014 has thus far returned low revenues that hark back to the global doldrums of two years ago.

IG Group’s (IGG:L) issuance of its preliminary results for the second quarter of this year, however, has generated some confidence in its stock, with the company’s share price having increased by 8% as of this morning.

The company announced yesterday that it had experienced a 2.4% increase in net revenue, however a likely contributing factor to the increase in share price is that IG Group confirmed that it would increase dividends to shareholders from 60% to 70%.

The company stated that it plans to pay a final dividend of 22.40 pence per share, taking the full-year dividend to 28.15 pence per share, a 21 percent increase on the previous year.

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