IFC Markets Indian clients may now access website in Hindi

IFC Markets today announced the launch of its website in Hindi. The firm states the emergence of this new group of clients required individual attitude and for this purpose the company has been providing support in Hindi, which made the process of communication much easier and personalized.

Moreover, the continuous increase in the number of clients made the company think about a new strategy specifically for this growth region, and this drove the idea of developing the website in Hindi. Thus, providing an opportunity for clients to have  a more familiar environment for working and allows access to the whole of information in their native language.

IFC Markets believes in paying close attention to its clients’ demands and always does its best to provide the most convenient conditions for clients to do business. Recently, the company had announced the release of it’s own NetTradeX trading platform in Hindi.

It is worth noting that the company is planning to continue its development strategy in this region and is currently working on offering new instruments, which are highly popular in the region: Indian equities, rupee derivatives and more.

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