ICE’s Chief Strategy Officer David Goone sells $265,066 worth of shares

Intercontinental Exchange Inc (NYSE:ICE), an international operator of exchanges and clearing houses, has reported a transaction in its shares.

In a transaction dated October 9, 2015, ICE’s Chief Strategy Officer David Goone disposed of 1,158 shares in the company at a price of $228.9 per share. The sale is, hence, valued at $265,066.

Following the transaction, Mr Goone’s resulting shareholding in ICE is 28,684 shares. This common stock number is an aggregate number and represents 17,097 shares of common stock, 4,926 unvested restricted stock units and 6,661 unvested performance based restricted stock units, for which the performance period has been satisfied.

One share in ICE traded at $231.16 during after hours on October 13, 2015, down 0.96% from the previous close.


Chart source: Google Finance.

To view the SEC filing on the transaction, click here.

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