ICE sees Forex volumes shrink 5% MoM in May

Intercontinental Exchange Inc (NYSE:ICE) earlier today posted its operating metrics for May 2015, with Forex volumes being on the rise in annual terms but down in monthly terms.

The fresh data showed that average daily volumes of FX&Credit (this covers futures and options for the U.S. Dollar Index, foreign exchange and ERIS CDS credit futures) amounted to humble 56,000 contracts in May 2015. The result is 5% down from April 2015, when the Forex ADV were also not impressive at 59,000 contracts.

The result recorded in May 2015 was much better than in May 2014 though, as the rise in annual terms was stunning at 181%.

And here are some of the metrics for May this year that ICE would like to highlight:

  • May 2015 futures and options average daily volume (ADV) declined 8% compared to May 2014.
  • Commodity ADV increased 16% led by Brent, Gasoil, Other Oil, Nat Gas and Sugar up 19%, 12%, 28%, 15% and 24% respectively, from the prior May.
  • Financials ADV declined 25% from the previous May primarily due to continued low volatility in Continental European short-term interest rates and single stock equities.
  • ADV for NYSE’s U.S. cash equities increased 14%, while U.S. equity options ADV declined 26% over the prior May.
  • NYSE’s U.S. cash equities market share was 23.9% and NYSE’s U.S. options market share was 18.0%.

Additional data can be seen in the table below:


To view the detailed announcement, click here.

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