ICAP EBS sees lowest FX volume metrics in years in December

EBS forex volumes 23% below last year and 11% below last month

Another month passes and another dismal number for ICAP’s EBS comes into the fray. Following the multi-year lows announced in October, the company has reported an 11% drop on last month’s tepid rebound to mark the final month of 2013 at an average of $71 billion per day. There is no sign of recovery in FX volumes for the company at this point in time.

icap volumes dec 2013

While we still await numbers from the rest of the big liquidity providers ICAP’s trend varies from their big competitors for a while. True, all companies reported declines in the latter part of 2013, however only ICAP is hitting multi-year lows as of right now.

The company has marked a year on year drop in its average foreign exchange monthly volumes with numbers coming in at 105.4 which is 6% lower than in 2012. The drop has been accelerating during the last month with the last month’s number marking a whopping 23% decline on December 2012.

For the full press release visit ICAP’s website.

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