Hotspot Link launches, offers customers to design private liquidity pools

Hotspot, a leading institutional Forex market owned and operated by BATS Global Markets (BATS), today announces the launch of Hotspot Link, a new service that enables clients to create unique, relationship-based, liquidity pools in response to their specific trading needs.

Liquidity provision in Forex markets is fragmented and institutions use a large group of banks, non-banks, electronic platforms and voice brokers. Thanks to Hotspot Link, these costly and often complex liquidity networks, along with their administrative and operational burdens, can be markedly simplified through one connection.

Hotspot Link enables participants to focus on their relationship with their client or their liquidity provider rather than connectivity and software.

Using Hotspot Link, existing trading participants will be able to choose from a broad range of bank and non-bank market-makers to create a customized liquidity pool of continuously-provided quotes, as well as quotes offered on a request-for-quote/stream basis. Price feeds from liquidity providers will be aggregated, and this way customers can see the best available prices offered across the market.

Bill Goodbody, Jr., Senior Vice President, Foreign Exchange at BATS, says,

Hotspot Link is very much a continuation of BATS’ long-standing objective of empowering market participants to trade in a way that best suits their trading objectives and businesses, rather than dictating specific market models. We very much understand and want to support the critical role relationships play in FX trading.”

Hotspot Link relies on the existing Hotspot network, infrastructure, and clearing relationships, but is separate from the Hotspot ECN in order to avoid market impact and improve order fulfilment rates. Hotspot’s real-time on-boarding and post-trade processing further facilitates a seamless link for potential trading partners.

In December 2015, Hotspot global trading volumes amounted to $529.8 billion (single-count) and registered an average 12.7% market share each trading day, with a growing portion executed on its recently-launched London matching engine.

You can view the full announcement about the new service by clicking here.

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