CBOE Hotspot partners with Celer Technologies to provide streaming forwards & NDF trading GUI

Celer Technologies, a provider of Foreign Exchange trading technology solutions to banks, brokers, buy-side, ECNs and trading venues just announced its partnership with Hotspot, a CBOE Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: CBOE) company, and institutional FX trading platform. Celer Tech’s bespoke trading GUI allows customers to access Hotspot’s outright streaming deliverable forward and NDF liquidity.

In May 2017, Hotspot became the first platform to provide outright deliverable forwards on an anonymous central-limit order book. Further, it is the first platform to allow prime brokerage clients to post passive quotes. This allows for expanded trading activity from participants, who are now able to trade without being forced to cross the bid-offer spread.

Paul Millward

Paul Millward, Hotspot Head of FX Product Strategy, commented:

Hotspot is committed to enhancing the way outright deliverable forwards & NDFs are transacted in the market. Celer’s strong technical and market knowledge has allowed us to quickly deploy a GUI for our clients who want a high-performance, fully integrated and user-friendly interface to access our new anonymous outright forward and NDF market in addition to our spot market.

Celer Tech GUIs provide a wide range of pricing, execution and allocation functionalities that can be customized to meet an individual client’s requirements. Supported globally as a fully managed service, the Celer trading platforms are exceptionally flexible and can be applied to all business functions including, but not limited to, order management and execution, clearing and STP, and risk management.

We are very excited to have been selected to provide Hotspot and Celer clients with a purpose-built UI for trading anonymous outright deliverable forwards and NDFs.”, added Ben Cuthbert, Celer Technologies CEO.

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