Horizon Software onboards Azul Zing as specialists move toward comprehensive trading systems

Front-end trading solutions provider Horizon Software has entered into a commercial partnership with Californian software company Azul Systems under which Horizon Software will offer Zing, Azul’s high-performance Java runtime, as part of its portfolio to deliver increased application productivity and business efficiencies to new and existing customers.

The combined solution offers users of Horizon’s Electronic Trading suite improved low latency predictability, guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and exceptionally high sustained throughput. Without changing the application or hardware environment, Horizon Software customers will profit from an enhanced high-performance, consistent trading environment, capable of handling future business growth.

Jean-Marc Delfarguiel, Horizon founder and CEO, made a corporate statement that: “Equipping our clients with the fastest, most advanced trading solutions is a core principle at Horizon. Our clients need low latency algorithmic trading to efficiently process the vast and growing volumes of financial data and detect and take advantage of market opportunities. I want our clients to know that their trading systems are efficient, fast and comprehensive. Zing is a supercharger for Java-based systems – it has been optimised for high transaction volumes, ultra-low latency, and consistency of performance, providing Horizon clients with the best possible trading and risk management solutions.”

Scott Sellers, CEO of Azul Systems, added: “Latency and jitter are recurring and revenue limiting obstacles in today’s trading environments. By adding Zing to its offering, Horizon can now provide a pioneering solution which will give its clients better predictability, control and performance. Zing is widely recognized as the new performance standard for Java-based applications within the financial sector.”

Mr. Delfarguiel continued to explain that: “Our clients develop complex, proprietary algorithms, and want to bring them to market in the shortest time. For those financial institutions which need that extra speed, the addition of Zing provides the answer.”

Within the fast-moving capital markets industry, Horizon’s global electronic trading platform covers a wide range of needs in the cash and derivatives markets and is particularly strong in execution management systems, market making and systematic trading, adding momentum to the current trend for specialist software firms to seek methods of providing a full end-to-end trading environment rather than providing their niche service to be used via third party software firms.

Whether involved in developing systems which reduce latency and increase the performance of the trading environment such as Azul Systems with its Zing solution, social trading developers are also taking a step toward becoming independent of their reliance on external companies into which their specific product can be integrated, as exemplified by this week’s move by Tradency to ensure that its broker partners can onboard Tradency as an entire trading solution, rather than its previous status as a component which can be connected to MetaTrader 4.

Zing can be implemented with Horizon’s front end trading solutions simply by replacing the existing JVM – without any recompiling or re-architecting. This allows the system to meet the most stringent service level agreements regarding predictability and the elimination of latency outliers.

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