Hantec Markets returns max trading leverage to 25x

As we continue our coverage of the changes to trading conditions among Retail Forex and CFD brokers in the post Brexit vote environment, LeapRate has learned that FCA regulated Hantec Markets has re-hiked max leverage levels back up to 25:1 (or 4% margin requirement).

Hantec – which normally allows leverage of between 100x and 200x for its clients – had lowered max leverage to 25x at the beginning of last week. After the #VoteLeave side won, Hantec further lowered leverage to 10x on Friday, requiring its clients to keep at least 10% margin in their accounts over this past weekend.

Hantec did not state when it will fully restore leverage levels to ‘normal trading’ conditions.

The full statement sent out by Hantec Markets to clients today reads as follows:


Dear Valued Client,

Please be advised that leverage has changed back to 25:1.

Also, please ensure you maintain your account sufficiently funded at all times as depending on market volatility, leverage levels may be cut again in the future.

CFD SYMBOL Name Current margin ($) Reversed margin ($)
DAX Ger30 Pro 20,000 10,000
FTSE UK100 Pro 20,000 10,000
NQ Nas100 Pro 5,000 2,500
ES SPX500 Pro 6,000 3,000
DM DJ30 Pro 6,000 3,000
GC Gold 9,000 4,500
SI Silver 9,000 4,500
HG Copper 3,000 1,500
CL US-Oil Pro 3,000 1,500
NG NGAS Pro 3,000 1,500
BB Brent Crude Oil 3,000 1,500
SB Sugar 420 210
KC Coffee 1,400 700
CT Cotton 1,000 500
CC Cocoa 440 220
C# Corn 1,350 675
W# Wheat 1,620 810
S# Soya 1,860 930
AD AUD 2,360 1,180
BP GBP 8,000 4,000
CD CAD 2,420 1,210
EC EUR 8,000 4,000
JY JPY 8,000 4,000
NZ NZD 2,360 1,180
SF CHF 8,000 4,000
DX US Dollar Index 6,000 3,000

Example: Currently your account was set to 10:1 leverage the margin requirement for 1 standard lot of EURUSD is €10,000. Hantec Markets is changing its leverage to 25:1 and as such the margin requirement will decrease to €4,000.

Order Execution

During this period of heightened market volatility and illiquidity your stop and limit orders are not guaranteed to be filled at your order level. Orders are converted to market orders once they are triggered and a lack in market depth and liquidity could result in significant slippage.

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