GMO Research heads for an IPO, GMO Click set to start book-building

GMO Click Securities, the Japanese online trading giant, has just published information concerning the pending initial public offering (IPO) of GMO Research, a division of the firm which specializes in marketing and research.

GMO Research is set to list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with a stock code 3695 on the Market of the high-growth and emerging stocks (MOTHERS)  market.

The IPO was officially approved by the TSE on September 16, 2014, and since then GMO Click has been working on setting the stage for the listing, scheduled for October 21, 2014. According to the information published by GMO Click on Wednesday October 1st, the book-building period will last from October 3rd (00:00 local time) to October 9th (09:00 local time).

Since the book-building is yet to commence, it is obvious that the price of the shares is not known at this point. What we know, however, is that the public offering will involve 190,000 shares, with a secondary offering via over-allotment also on the cards – this option envisages the sale of extra 67,800 shares.

GMO Research has been active since 2002, with the company now focused on its “Research without questionnaires” technology. Via methods like eye-tracking and subconscious visualization, the company aims to offer its clients a marketing mechanism that sells naturally. The range of flagship products of GMO Research includes research solutions platform “MARKET OBSERVER” and the Asia Cloud Panel.

Both GMO Click and GMO Research belong to the GMO Group of companies, which embraces more than 90 businesses at this point.

For more information on the IPO and prospectuses, click here

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