GMO Click365 June vols drop again; Neo lowest since December 2012 – down 19%

GMO Click 365 had a very slow month down 4.8% MoM, volumes came in at 271,792 contacts in June from May’s 285,447 contract pieces despite showing a record number of retail FX accounts – 346,035 accounts.  Meaning, that per-traders volumes are very low with overall market volatility in the yen crosses very tailed back. It seems as if there was a volume pickup in June in the FX trading world, except for in Japan where volumes clearly are still leveling off from 2012 and 2013’s yen deprecation.

FX Neo (OTC margin FX trading) for June volumes ticked in at ¥44.3T, down from May’s ¥54.4T a 18.6% MoM drop and lowest since December 2012 which you can see on the chart below:

FX Neo

FX Neo dropping to lowest volume metric since Dec 1012


Click365 stuck in a rut

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