GMO Click to cut maximum order size on FX Neo platform

GMO Click Securities, the retail Forex broker which is a part of GMO Click Holdings Inc (TYO:7177), today announces pending changes to the trading rules for its recently upgraded platform for OTC Forex trading – FX Neo.

Effective March 5, 2016, the maximum order size will be 1 million currency units, compared with previous 2 million.

The upgraded FX Neo started operations on February 8, 2016, with the platform offering faster trading and new trading instruments. In addition, the broker has launched a spread reduction campaign, which covers some of the most popular FX pairs, like EUR/USD and GBP/USD. During the campaign, set to last until March 4, 2016, according to the latest announcement, the spread on EUR/USD is reduced to 0.4 pips and the spread on GBP/USD is reduced to 1 pip.

You can view the announcement on the changes by clicking here.

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