GMO Click sets new record volume for a retail FX broker at $913 billion (!!) in April

Just GMO Click? Just Japan? Or were retail FX volume records broken worldwide?

GMO Click, the largest Japanese retail FX broker, has just reported an absolutely astounding month of April. Volumes at GMO Click hit ¥89.5 trillion in April, or $913 billion for the month — an all-time record not just for GMO Click, but for any retail FX broker in any month, anywhere.

GMO’s April volumes beat its own previous record, seen just this February, by a whopping 14%.

A few weeks back, when Gold prices dropped by about $200 an ounce injecting volatility into all equity and currency markets, we reported that several FX brokers saw record daily volumes in several different jurisdictions around the world. The CME Group also reported record Gold and metals trading. Apparently that good start continued throughout the month, buoyed by a general “risk-on” environment in the capital markets which sent US equity indices to record levels by month-end.

Was this unusually great volume result seen by GMO Click alone? In Japan alone? Or was it seen by retail FX brokers around the world? We think it was the latter. Stay tuned to LeapRate, we’ll bring you all the results (and our analysis) as they become available, as other brokers and Forex ECNs report April results in the coming days and weeks.

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