GMO Click reports lowest volumes for the year – down 12% in November

While still higher than a year ago the trend is not reversing and volumes keep grinding lower

The gradual pullback of Japanese retail investors form the forex market keeps on going. Volumes at the largest retail forex broker in Japan GMO Click have dropped by 12% in November to mark a decline to 52.2 trillion Yen, or about $ 509 billion. While the decline goes on, these figures are still much higher than a year ago, but the decline is steeper than last month’s volume metrics data.

GMO Nov 2013

With recent comments from some Japanese Central Bank officials that more easing might be on the line we wonder whether the volumes might return to the market in the coming months. After a very strong first half of the year retail investors have turned to stocks and volatility there is not subsiding, despite being lower than at the beginning of the year.

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