GMO Click postpones further the release of upgraded FX Neo platform

GMO Click Securities, the retail Japanese Forex broker which is a part of GMO Click Holdings Inc (TYO:7177), earlier today provided another update on the schedule for the release of renewed FX Neo, the platform for margin Forex trading over the counter.

The announcement barely brought any positive piece of news, as the company said the launch of the upgraded service is now scheduled for sometime this (fiscal) year. The broker has already delayed the planned launch of upgraded FX Neo – according to an earlier announcement by GMO Click, the release was due in the end of September this year. Now the launch is postponed further.

The company explained that the further delay reflects the efforts to improve the stability of the system.

The upgraded service is set to offer faster trading, improved functioning of the web version of the platform, as well as a range of new trading instruments.

To view the official announcement by GMO Click, click here.

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