Glamour and fashion as Miss UniTrader entertains 1,500 Chinese IBs

In keeping with BMFN CEO Luis Sanchez’ notoriously flamboyant and avantgarde approach to business, he was quick off the mark to become involved in BMFN’s Miss UniTrader contest in Shanghai, China subsequent to assuming the leadership position at BMFN.

Engaging clients and introducing brokers in China has become a skill in itself as the entire FX industry continues to focus on gaining business from the Asia Pacific region, and as the Chinese introducing brokers and partners in China have become increasingly aware of the value of working with overseas FX firms, the more negotiating power Chinese partners have.

This is the second series of events of this type which BMFN has conducted, this time attracting some 1,500 attendees, the first having taken place in October last year.

The concept for this series was a masquerade fashion show, with the models wearing masks, with the event attended by BMFN clients, IBs and partners, with the recent series consisting of 3 events, the first one being held in Shenzhen, China on March 20, followed by Beijing on March 22, and Zhengzhou on March 23, with localization being key.

The event was attended by international regulatory experts Dr James Green, Jude Bahman  and Sophie Gerber who were invited to speak on US, Australian and British regulations, followed by a further show where delegates could cast their votes for Miss UniTrader, before the event gave way to a gala dinner with wine and champagne.

During each event the guests saw each of the models in masks on a large screen and were then shown pictures without masks, the objective being to attempt to identify each model, with winners being photographed with Miss UniTrader as well as being presented with a bottle of a prestigious Italian red wine.

Paul Belogour, Director and Founder of BMFN, was present at the show, and the dresses were design by Ukrainian designer Tatyana Smagluk.

Miss Anastasia Doroshenko, Miss UniTrader Director at BMFN comments: This is an innovative concept and we will continue this fashion trend during 2015, with a new concept for each event. The next in the series will take place at the end of May in Chengdu, China .

Luis Sanchez, CEO of BMFN comments: “I had always been positive on this concept and looking forward to host future Fashion Miss UniTrader shows on 2016 in different markets around the world, such as for example: like Latin America market.”

China is a very important market for BMFN, as the firm has over 4,500 partners in the country, making it one of the largest networks of introducing brokers in the industry.



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