Gain Capital COO Jeffrey Scott exercises 27,750 options, sells 39,750 shares pocketing net proceeds of $192,000

Jeffrey Scott, COO of electronic trading giant GAIN Capital (NYSE:GCAP) has realized the cash value of a combination of company shares and options, as per a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In a transaction which took place on January 15, Mr. Scott sold 39,750 units of common stock at $ 8.3072, amounting to a total monetary value of $330,211.

On the same day, Mr. Scott exercised stock options, which was conducted via two transactions. The first of the transactions represents Mr. Scott’s right to purchase options, in which he purchased 10,250 units at $ 4.4 per share, and the second being the purchase of 17,500 units at $5.3 per share, amounting to a total cost of $137,850.

As a result of Mr. Scott having exercised his right to purchase options in order to sell stock at market value alongside common stock, the net figure by which he has gained is $192,361.

Following these transactions, Mr. Scott continues to hold 68,850 units of common GAIN Capital stock.

For the official SEC filing, click here.

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