GAIN Capital board member Joe Schenk acquires 10,000 shares

Joe Schenk, Member of the Board of Directors, Gain Capital

Joe Schenk, Member of the Board of Directors, Gain Capital

GAIN Capital Holdings Inc (NYSE: GCAP) board member Mr. Joe Schenk according to a newly published Form 4 has purchased 10,000 shares of GAIN Capital stock to bring his total holdings to 87,619 shares.

The shares were purchased for an average amount of $5.4097 (total: $54,497). The shares purchased during the market dip on Wednesday, November 9th have already seen a decent return as GCAP shares closed Thursday at $5.67, up 4.42% on the day among a broader equities rally.

The total market value of Mr. Schenk’s shares are around $496,799 at Thursday’s market closing stock price.

Is this a good time to get into Gain Capital stock? The global brokerage firm’s shares have recently been hovering at all-time lows, the all-time high in the stock was $13.11 on September 27th, 2013.

Mr. Schenk was former CEO at First New York Securities (2009-2012) and CEO of Jefferies & Company (1992-2008). He is also currently on the board of directors at a couple other companies including The Westaim Corporation and Arena Investors.

Gain Capital Holdings Inc one year chart. Courtesy: Google Finance.

Gain Capital Holdings Inc (GCAP) one-year chart. Courtesy: Google Finance.

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