FXStreet issues warning about fraudulent binary options company unlawfully using its name

Prominent Forex news portal FXStreet has been the latest subject of what is known as ‘cloning’, a practice which comprises of bogus companies with malintent attempting to emulate bona fide firms by using similar domain names, company logos and in some cases similar addresses.

In this case, FXStreet wishes to make it clear that a company caled FXstreetoption.com is unlawfully using the FXStreet name in order to conduct fraudulent activity.

On this basis, FXStreet has issued a warning to ensure that the imposter does not dupe potential clients, as follows:

A website called FXstreetoption.com has plagerised the name of “fxstreet” to enhance its credibility and mislead people: this binary options is has NOTHING TO DO with FOREXSTREET, S.L. Users have contacted us reporting that these people take deposits from investors and do not return them.

Fxstreetoption.com is operated by Absolute Enterpreneurs Ltd, 17A Simeonov vek street, Fl. 5, App. 25. Sofia, Bulgaria 1142 and is set up on a white label with SPOTOPTION.

We here officially state that FXstreetoption.com has no relation whatsoever with FXStreet nor FOREXSTREET, S.L., the company behind FXStreet.

We ask everyone to:

never link to FXstreetoption website to avoid they gain fame on the internet.
avoid doing business with this company or become their client, they are not to be trusted
spread the word that Fxstreetoption.com is totally independant from FXStreet
send us an email if you’ve been one of their victims
We want to thank the people who reported this fraud to us.

In general, before depositing money for a service or product using “fxstreet” or “forexstreet”, you can make sure it is related to us by contacting us.

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