FxPro goes transparent, publishing slippage and requote statistics

Retail Forex broker FxPro, which is amid the handful of online trading companies committed to providing regular detailed reports on their operating statistics, today revealed some trading metrics for March 2015.

The metrics showed the company remains devoted to beefing up its execution technologies and the overall trading experience for its clients. A piece of proof for that is the fact that a hefty percentage of FxPro’s client trades in March enjoyed positive slippage, that is price improvement. The percentage of trades with re-quotes remained very low.

Let’s look at the particular numbers now.

Slippage statistics for the month of March:

  • Positive = 36%
  • At Quote = 36%
  • Negative = 28%

In times of increased volatility (and March brought some of that) slippage can become a problem for clients of some brokers. It can even eat a higher part of your profit than the spread. However, FxPro is operating as a Hybrid broker and is using a non dealing agency model execution technology, thus allowing its clients to access top-tier liquidity and to benefit from both its execution technology and its Negative Balance Protection guarantee, while also mitigating operational risk.

Along with slippage statistics, FxPro published the percentage of re-quotes that clients received during March:

  • Re-quotes = 4.32%
  • Positive = 2%
  • Negative = 2.32%

FxPro CEO, Charalambos Psimolophitis, commented:

“At FxPro we have long been supporters of transparency and fairness in the Forex industry, and have worked hard to eradicate all conflicts of interest between broker and client. Having adopted a Hybrid Agency Model, we provide our clients with not only superior educational resources and trading tools but also with a guarantee of their funds’ safety. In an industry where it is taken for granted that slippage almost always goes against the client, we are pleased to demonstrate that this is not in fact the case. As the topic of slippage symmetry comes into greater focus, we encourage other brokers to be as forthcoming with their own execution statistics.”

In conclusion, we should mention that March was an exciting month for FxPro with regards to additions to its platform and services lineup. At the start of the month the company announced an updated version of its Quant strategy builder, then came the launch of MetaTrader 5 and a SuperTrader application for iOS devices. Obviously, the broker stays true to its promise to deliver cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

The official announcement by FxPro on its March metrics can be found here.

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