FxPro removes Close Only trading status on indices, shares and RUB pairs

Retail forex broker FxPro has issued a note to clients in the aftermath of today’s post-Brexit market volatility, that it has disabled Close Only trading status on Spot/Future Indices, Shares CFD trading, and on all RUB pairs.

While FxPro had left leverage levels on most instruments at near-normal levels leading up to yesterday’s Brexit vote, it had enacted Close Only status on the aforementioned instruments late in the day Thursday before the referendum results were published.

The note issued by FxPro on the matter reads as follows:


“Full Access” Enabled on Specific Instruments

Dear [Client],

We would like to inform you that “Close Only” has been disabled and you now have full access when trading the below instruments:

  • Spot/Futures Indices
  • EU/US and other Shares
  • All RUB pairs

As a reminder, margin requirements on Spot/Futures Indices remain intact at 15%, all RUB pairs are at 5% and all Shares are set to 15% on all new positions.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support.

Kind Regards,
FxPro Team.

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FxPro removes Close Only trading status on indices, shares and RUB pairs


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