FxPro makes bold move, reinstates ruble trading

With ruble trading still either suspended temporarily or subject to greatly reduced leverage across many FX companies internationally, one firm has taken the lead in reinstating ruble trading.

This afternoon, after a brief suspension which lasted a matter of a few hours, FxPro has reinstated the trading of instruments which include the Russian ruble.

In an announcment by email to its client base, FxPro states that pricing on RUB pairs (USD/RUB & EUR/RUB) will resume at 14:00 (Server time) on 17/12/14. The company requests that clients remain aware that during this period of increased market volatility, spreads may widen significantly and periods of illiquidity may also occur, these may also result in further suspensions to the RUB trading sessions.

In order to best protect the best interests of its customers from heightened market volatility, FxPro will be temporarily reducing the leverage requirement on RUB pairs to 1:10 on both MT4 and cTrader platforms, as of 17/12/2014.

Clients should also take caution when trading these pairs due to the extreme volatility which is being experienced at this time, trading such volatile pairs may result in clients receiving significant slippage on their orders due to thin liquidity and widened spreads.

FxPro further states that any further trading suspensions may result in clients with open positions not being able to close until trading is resumed in the future.

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