FxPro announces consistently positive slippage percentages in Q3 2016 execution statistics

Global retail forex and CFDs broker FxPro has announced key execution statistics registered during the months of July, August, and September 2016.

For yet another quarter, the order execution data registered has reflected FxPro’s ongoing focus on slippage symmetry, with Q3 results on a par with the ones observed in previous quarters and positive slippage percentages revealed to be consistently high. During this three-month period, slippage percentages have reached the following levels:

  • Positive = 36.23%
  • At Quote = 35.96%
  • Negative = 27.81%

Re-quote percentages for Q3 were as follows:

  • Re-quotes = 4.26%
  • Positive = 1.99%
  • Negative = 2.27%

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