FxPro adds trading in Gold by weight and Brent Oil Futures

Retail FX company FxPro has launched further instruments, strengthening its ever-expanding product range.

Available on the MetaTrader 4 platform, FxPro has added Gold by grams and ounces, as well as Brent Oil Futures.

Brent Oil Futures trading is also available on the company’s MetaTrader 5 platform.

Asset codes are as follows:

Gold per Ounce: GOLDoz

Gold per Gram: GOLDgr

Brent: #LCO5M

FxPro has refined its trading environment substantially this year, a notable example being the firm’s addition of the Quant Strategy Builder which allows its users to create their own auto-trading strategies by visualization of how technical indicators, logical functions and mathematical operators interact with each other.

Furthermore, the company reduced its commission on futures by 30%, denoting a very multi-asset orientated focus by the company.

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