FXPRIMUS launches new PAMM Service

FXPRIMUS has announced the launch of its new PAMM Service. This new service facilitates the relationship between Skilled Traders (Masters) & Eager Investors (Followers).

The FXPRIMUS PAMM Service affords the opportunity for Masters to showcase their performance to the FXPRIMUS customers that are in need of investment services. At the same time, the PAMM service allows Investors the ultimate in flexibility in terms of selecting a Master that meets their specific criteria from a performance and risk management perspective. The Investor has complete control of their deposits and withdrawals. Furthermore, FXPRIMUS PAMM requires Masters to trade their own funds, giving Investors the full confidence that the Managers objectives are in line with theirs.

In short, the FXPRIMUS PAMM is fully automated for the Skilled Traders & Investor. When a trade is closed, the profit or loss of the trade is distributed amongst all participants in the PAMM based on their risk specifications. The Skilled Traders receives a commission and/or performance fee based on the results of the trades.

Moreover, FXPRIMUS PAMM Service provides both the Skilled Traders & Investor all the tools needed to get the most and the best from Forex trading: exclusive conditions, and reliable order execution and dedicated support.

To find out more about the FXPRIMUS PAMM, click here.

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