FxNet ditches proprietary IB back office for PLUGIT’s ‘IB Portal System’

CySEC regulated Forex brokerage FxNet under license no. 182/12, which got its start in 2012 with some nice but sometimes hard to manage proprietary software for back-office systems has went with PLUGIT’s ‘IB Portal System’ to replace their proprietary IB reporting system used since first launched.

PLUGIT Ltd. is a prime business solution provider specialized in the Forex industry offering interactive solutions to address the evolving needs of global brokerage firms. The firm is located in Limassol which provides it easy access to a variety of MT4 brokerage shops.

Plugit IB Portal System

IB Portal is an advanced and sophisticated external Affiliate/IB System, independent from the trading system that allows IBs to log directly into the portal and check the commissions they have generated
from trades made by their direct or indirect clients. IB Portal gives brokers the ability to set up a multi-level scheme through which they can allocate different types of commissions to an unlimited number of
IBs in a flexible hierarchical way.

IBs, through the Portal, can view in real-time all their active clients and keep an eye on all trades closed by these clients (trading accounts) in addition to generating different reports to check the commissions they are getting out of each trade made by their clients as well as their sub IBs’ clients.

Closer Look: IB Portal – Account Statement


  • User friendly interface for IBs and Back-office users.
  • Back-office with different access levels.
  • Real-time synchronization with MT4.
  • Separates trading accounts from IB accounts as IBs will be restricted to the portal and have no access to trading system.
  • Different types of commissions to be paid: Money per lot, pips per lot, percentage of markup and standard commission.
  • Unlimited number of profiles based on which IBs will get commissions.
  • Could be integrated with CRM or any third party application.
  • Ability for IB to request money withdrawal to be approved by back-office.
  • Ability for IB to deposit money into client’s trading account.
  • Various types of reports to be generated by IBs and admin.

PLUGIT Ltd. is a full-service technology provider which also provides applications for mirror trading, bonus automation, client back office, and EMIR reporting.


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FxNet ditches proprietary IB back office for PLUGIT's 'IB Portal System'

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