FxGrow joins lineup of FX brokers with redesigned websites

The trend of Forex companies launching redesigned websites to meet the sophisticated demands of traders and to offer a mobile friendly environment is gathering pace.

The latest company to join the growing group of brokers redesigning their websites is FxGrow, a CySEC-regulated retail Forex broker.

FxGrow’s website has been overhauled with a special focus on the user experience, including a more intuitive navigation and user interface.

There are also various new features and functions built into the site. These include Real Time Streaming of Spreads on the homepage, Technical analysis and Economic calendar. One new feature in particular that is generating a lot of interest is the new FxGrow Blog, which the company promises to update regularly with market forecasts, articles, and educational material.

Chief Executive Officer Hassan Mazeh said:

“Quite simply, our vision from the outset was to put what our customers want to find, where they expect to find it. This basic concept has been at the core of every decision made throughout the entire design and development process. The old saying ‘time is money’ is entirely accurate for traders who simply cannot afford to waste time trying to find information on a website. This is why we have taken the time to find out exactly what our clients look for, where exactly they look for it, and to put it exactly there”.

Marketing Director Dagmara Handzlik added:

“We are very proud of our new website which has been in the works for some time now. Considerable research was carried out in conjunction with user feedback to ensure that we delivered a far superior user experience that would directly benefit both our existing and prospective clients. The addition of new features to the website really serves to enhance our offering in the financial services sector and put us in good standing for the future.”

The new website is live from today, with all new features and functions fully operational. Besides the core English version, FxGrow has also launched versions in Arabic and Polish, with other language options set to be released soon.

You can check out the redesigned website at www.fxgrow.com.

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