FXecosystem partners with Metamako to offer enhanced network monitoring for brokers

Outsourced FX connectivity services provider FXecosystem has announced enhanced network monitoring capabilities through a new partnership with Metamako, a leading specialist in deterministic network devices for some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Metamako’s network devices give FXecosystem’s clients the ability to ‘tap’ any in or outbound traffic across their entire network. They provide clients with advanced control and visibility of their network, including the ability to do dynamic patching (remote reconfiguring).

This latest development from FXecosystem is available to clients using FXeco-eye, the company’s popular real-time network and flow operational monitoring and data visualisation tool. In addition to advanced control and enhanced visibility, clients will also benefit from flexibility in network management and reduced latency.

FXecosystem has implemented Metamako in the UK, with plans for implementation in the US in the near future.

James Banister, FXecosystem

James Banister, FXecosystem

James Banister, CEO, FXecosystem explains:

Metamako devices are a game changer for Managed Service Providers and FXecosystem is pleased to be at the forefront of this. We’ve implemented Metamako as part of our strategy of continual investment to provide a market leading service to banks, brokers and hedge funds.

One of the catalysts for deploying Metamako was to help our clients to ‘tap’ into all the data sets they require to meet their current and future regulatory demands. MiFID II regulations, for example, will require increased scrutiny into trading flow. The Metamako devices are extremely powerful and enhance our offering to clients.

Dr. Dave Snowdon, founder and CTO of Metamako, added:

We’ve been working with firms in the HFT space since our launch in 2013, providing exceptionally low latency, very high determinism and a great deal of functionality and flexibility. It’s really exciting to see that our technology is now being implemented across different asset classes, such as FX and fixed income and also being used by a much broader range of financial institutions, such as banks and exchanges, as well as vendors. Our devices allow providers like FXecosystem to service their clients more effectively without impacting the latency of their service.

We always knew that our clients were using our devices for much more than just latency reduction and determinism; a recent client survey proved this. The top use cases for Metamako devices include connection monitoring, tapping, timestamping and reconfigurable patch panels. We look forward to bringing these benefits to FXecosystem and their clients.

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