Redline partners with Metamako for ultra-low latency auto trading solutions

Metamako, a provider of low-latency, FPGA-enabled network devices, and Redline Trading Solutions, a provider of high-performance market data and order execution systems, today announced a partnership offering an ultra-low latency end-to-end solution for clients in the automated trading space.

Redline’s InRush™ market data solution, which provides high-quality consolidated market data feeds, now uses Metamako’s network devices to receive data from over 150 global exchanges, offering data fan-out in only 5 nanoseconds. As a result, clients can now obtain normalized market data with the lowest possible network latency for a wide range of asset classes including equities, derivatives, FX, fixed income and commodities.

Equally, Metamako devices can now be used to connect Redline’s Order Execution Gateway to exchanges for significantly reduced switching latency on order entry and aggregation.

Metamako is uniquely positioned to significantly reduce network latency and increase flexibility in the network fabric which is a key advantage when deploying trading solutions like Redline’s,” said Kevin Covington, CEO of Metamako. “We are driven to provide our clients with the fastest solutions possible and our joint focus is to continually develop increasingly advanced technology,” he added.

Mark Skalabrin

Redline’s ability to run sophisticated and complex trading strategies with ultra-low latency end-to- end performance requires the fastest network connection to and from each trading venue, and Metamako’s devices are proven to be far faster than any conventional switch,” concluded Mark Skalabrin, CEO of Redline. Redline Managed Service experts are deploying Metamako’s switches for our joint customers who are gaining competitive advantage with this integrated, high-speed solution.

In addition to the integration of Metamako’s network devices in Redline’s trading platform, Metamako devices running the MetaWatch application provide nanosecond-resolution packet timestamps of the market data. These timestamps, with a precision of 1 nanosecond, now feed into Redline’s Market Data Recorder, enabling time-accurate back testing of trading strategies, trade compliance verification, and analysis of market events.

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