FXCM adds new features including smart margin watching to its Trading Station platform

Retail forex broker FXCM Inc (NYSE:FXCM) has announced the release of several new features and trading tools for its FXCM Trading Station platform.

The updates include:

logo_fxcm_fb1500‘Smart Margin’ Watcher. U.S. clients will now have the capability to see the date and time when their account enters into Margin Warning. The Smart Margin Watcher is designed to notify traders in advance of margin calls, which can give traders more time to take action to potentially avoid them.

Weekend Simulation. Traders can now replay actual market data at real or accelerated speed even when trading is closed on weekends. This means traders can test out a strategy, see how a new indicator works, all during open or closed market hours. Login credentials are not required to use this feature.

Intelligent Symbol List Window. Searching for instruments has become more user-friendly. The new Symbol List feature will allow traders to quickly find instruments, either through scrolling down the list of tradable instruments, or by typing the instrument name into the search bar (e.g. Gold or XAU).

JavaScript Support. Indicators, alerts and strategies can now also be written in JavaScript.

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