FX Blue updates TradeTalk application

FX Blue, the Forex software developer and web publisher formerly known as MT4i, has announced the release of the latest version of TradeTalk – the app that adds alerts to any third-party EA, or to manual trading.

The new version 2.03 enables traders to choose to receive alerts whenever the s/l (stop loss) or t/p (take profit) changes. Options include only receiving alerts when the s/l or t/p change from zero (i.e. are now set, but were not previously), or alerts about every change in the s/l or t/p. Regarding the latter option, FX Blue says one should be careful as it can lead to large numbers of alerts if you or your trading system is using any kind of trailing stop.

Thanks to the new version of TradeTalk, traders can also choose to receive pop-up MT4 alert messages on screen, in addition to the existing option to send alerts via email, SMS, Twitter, or MT4 push notification.

TradeTalk can be run on any chart in MT4, allowing users to receive notifications by email, SMS, or Twitter whenever any trades are opened or closed in MT4. Alerting can be restricted to particular symbols or EAs (based on the magic numbers they use for their trades).

Alerts are sent more or less instantly.

TradeTalk can also be used to run a basic signal distribution service. Signal providers place trades, either manually or using an EA, and use TradeTalk to send alerts to their subscribers.

To view the announcement on the latest TradeTalk version, click here.

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