France’s AMF blacklists 189 binary options brokers

France’s Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the national securities market watchdog, earlier today updated its “Black List” of binary options brokers that offer their services in the country without having the necessary license for that.

The list now features an impressive number of 189 companies, up from the 155 entries in the list as of December 2014.

Such a rise in the count of unauthorized businesses may be taken as a worrying sign of the incessant growth of companies willing to defraud consumers. At the same time, an enlarged “Black List” signifies heightened caution amid traders and regulators, which means that attention is paid to problematic business areas and measures are taken.

In its announcement, the watchdog says that all the participants in the list lack necessary registrations and licenses in France. Moreover, the regulator warns, many of these companies use methods of misleading and very aggressive advertising, while being silent about the risks that trading binary options involves.

Below you can see the names of the new entries in AMF’s “Black List”:


The full “Black List” of unregulated binary options brokers in France can be found here.

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