Forex sports sponsorships: breaking world records with FXTM backed BASE jumper Valery Rozov

The purpose of most Retail Forex broker sponsorships is to get your brand ‘out there’ and noticed, associated with a team / person / sport which evokes positive responses.

Beyond just placing a brand name on a football jersey or racing car, we’ve seen lately a number of ‘different’ and innovative approaches to Forex sports marketing and sponsorships.

On that note, we spoke recently with FXTM CEO Olga Rybalkina on her firm’s sponsorship of Red Bull BASE jumper Valery Rozov, and on sports sponsorships in general.

Well it seems as if Ms. Rybalkina and her team are getting their money’s worth from their association with Mr. Rozov. Mr. Rozov has broken another world record in BASE jumping in the finale of the #FXTMbasejump project. The Red Bull athlete, who partnered with FXTM for the feat, performed a successful jump from Mount Cho Oyu in China at 7,700 meters, beating his previous 2013 record jump from the Everest Massif at 7,220 meters.

The jump from Cho Oyu was completed on the 5th of October, following a 21 day expedition to the exit point. The jump took 90 seconds in free fall, then the opening of the parachute and the flight under the canopy lasted approximately two minutes before Valery Rozov landed safely on a glacier.

As part of the FXTMbasejump Project’s preparation for the final jump at Cho Oyu, Rozov underwent strict training throughout the season and completed several jumps in Chamonix, Peru and Dolomites.

Rozov’s next steps after his record-breaking jump are a media tour in China which will then be followed by a series of FXTM events in various regions, where FXTM’s clients will get the chance to meet Rozov in person. This also helps explain the purpose of this particular sponsorship – extreme sports events like these are increasingly popular in China, a key growth target of Retail Forex brokers like FXTM.

Valery Rozov

Valery Rozov said:

Jumping from Cho Oyu has been one of my life-long ambitions and being able to achieve this goal as part of the #FXTMbasejump project is a fantastic feeling. The mountain itself is extremely impressive and challenging, but nevertheless having the opportunity to climb it and to BASE jump from there was a great experience.

Discussing the partnership with FXTM, Rozov said:

FXTM has been a great partner from the outset of this project, right up to the final jump at Cho Oyu. We both share the same drive for offering the inspiration needed to push the limits, and together our goals were achieved with the Cho Oyu jump. I am very grateful to both FXTM and Red Bull’s support that made this project and this jump possible and I’m excited for what could be in store after this.

Olga Rybalkina

Commenting on the finale of the #FXTMbasejump Project, Olga Rybalkina, CEO of FXTM said:

We are extremely proud of Valery Rozov for this great milestone in his career and for achieving it as part of the #FXTMbasejump project. We are honoured for the opportunity to support Valery, and to prove that by having a goal, gaining the proper training, understanding and managing the risk effectively you have the potential to achieve great things. Our shared passion for innovation ignited this project and has become a great source of inspiration for traders, investors and even athletes everywhere to achieve the most of their experience, no matter their field.

To get a sense of what a 7,770 meter jump is like, check out the video:

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  • Stephen Pearson

    This is such an innovative partnership. The training regime and subsequent flights allow FXTM to provide a continuous marketing campaign around Valery Rosov.It’s out of the box thinking and surely generating ROI. It’s also indirect association to a brand like Redbull which is an added benefit to provide a “cool” link to the FXTM brand.

    • Stan The Man

      Stephen – how exactly does a sponsor like FXTM measure ROI in a case like this? Isn’t that the million dollar question in situations like these? I’m sure that every broker would love to sponsor a Valeri Rozov or a soccer club. Few do. These are advertisers so used to tracing every single dollar spent to incoming revenue.

      • Abdul

        Measuring ROI in such a case as this sponsorship, is not an easy task at all, and it doesn’t conform to typical sports sponsorship’s which have a typical ROI per $ spent.
        That being said, its a different association, and like was mentioned above, the link the RedBull, even if non-direct, is a good one.

      • Sports Media Gaming

        sorry for the delayed reply Stan. ROI in this case can be measured in several ways, not all of it has to be tangible. There are a number of intangible benefits to this sponsorship – its standout from the predominantly football deals and is very unique – FXTM have cleverly created an ongoing story around Valery allowing us to follow his training and his jumps,ultimately that resulted in a world record. FXTM are using a lot of content in their online marketing which again differentiates from their peers. Brand association is being heightened in this deal – emphasising the synergy between risk and reward, the features that forex brands like to communicate. Valery Rosov can be used in FXTM events – its clear that traders will be interested to meet him and hear what he has to say about his own training and execution and how that can be applied to the day to day trading life. ROI doesnt always have to be about media value and brand awareness. FXTM have found an innovative partnership that meets their own objectives that can be entirely different to the objectives of a brand like Plus500 appearing on the shirts of Athletico Madrid. Now there are so many FX brokers – probably over 150 in Cyprus alone – its more important to find ways to stand out from the crowd, i think this deal does that quite well.


Forex sports sponsorships: breaking world records with FXTM backed BASE jumper Valery Rozov


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