Forex broker PhillipCapital UK parent company achieves 10% YoY revenue rise for 2015

PhillipCapital UK, which launched in 2015, extending the reach of King and Shaxson into retail trading, and of the PhillipCapital group to Europe today reported official company filings which shows the parent firm King & Shaxson Limited achieved top line year over year growth of 10%.

King & Shaxson Limited operates the retail trading brand PhillipCapital UK for FX and CFD traders, and is primary involved in securities broking, particularly in gilts and bonds to institutional clients, and also Asian and UK equities.

For fiscal year ending June 30th, 2015 the company made operating profit of £2,435,913 vs. £2,090,270 in 2014, good for a 17% jump. Profits were made on revenue of £18,224,628 in 2015 vs. £16,553,050 in 2014 for a 10% increase.

The division which makes up the Forex brokerage reported an asset under management increase to £45 million in 2015 vs. £43 million from 2014. Moreover, the company reports that startup costs were £713,000 for bringing online the new retail FX and CFD trading division.


The PhillipsCapital UK desk is run by Mr. Sean Tan, recruited from PhillipFutures Singapore with over a decade of experience. As Singapore’s largest broker and CFD provider, the group brings its expertise and heritage to the UK market. The desk provides the opportunity for retail clients to trade electronically and hedge currency and equity exposure with top tier bank liquidity and margins as low as 0.5%.

When trading with PhillipCapital UK, you can take comfort knowing you are trading with an old established company which has been in the heart of the City of London since 1866. PhillipCapital UK as noted is part of King & Shaxson, one of the City’s oldest companies, which has evolved from its mid-19th century beginnings as a Discount House to a successful investment firm based on securities dealing and fund management. King and Shaxson Limited also remains a Primary Participant in the UK government’s Treasury bill market.

For more information visit the PhillipCapital UK website.

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