Fiserv brings new digital investment advice solutions to its Wealth Management Network in partnership with Marstone

Fiserv, Inc. (NASDAQ: FISV), a global provider of financial services technology solutions, announced that it has partnered with Marstone, Inc., a New York-based digital advisory firm, to offer the Powered by Marstone suite of digital investment advice solutions via the Wealth Management Network from Fiserv.

In addition, to support a single-platform strategy, wealth management firms will now have access to innovative digital advice solutions that seamlessly integrate into the Unified Wealth Platform from Fiserv. Digital advice solutions complement personal advisor interactions and are critical in achieving digital transformation in wealth management, as well as helping create greater efficiency and scale for financial advisors.

The Marstone platform allows wealth management firms to offer holistic account analysis, tailored portfolios, and an innovative user experience. As the industry focuses on goals-based financial planning, easier client onboarding and fiduciary requirements from the Department of Labor (DOL), wealth management firms are expanding their digital advice capabilities to stay competitive, increase brand awareness and better serve investors in today’s fast-paced world. Wealth management firms can now quickly and cost-effectively unify their front-end experience across multiple business lines.

Wealth management firms have a tremendous opportunity to grow client engagement by incorporating digital advice solutions that enable advisors to interact with their clients in a way that fits their lives. Most financial advisors today are not using a digital platform, yet many investors say a combination of digital and human advisor interaction is appealing to them,” said Cheryl Nash, president, Investment Services, Fiserv. “In partnership with Marstone, Fiserv is delivering a flexible, scalable solution that can be seamlessly integrated to elevate the digital experience for all users.

By incorporating digital tools into their technology portfolio, advisors can deliver more tailored advice to their investors. The Powered by Marstone suite leverages technology and user experience to optimize efficiency, facilitate communication, and maximize growth. The Marstone digital advice and financial planning platform can be implemented at the enterprise level as a self-directed robo solution or delivered as a point-solution hybrid model connected with an advisor. The suite includes Marstone robo-advice solutions, which can query investors about their age, income, risk tolerance, time horizon and goals.

Our partnership with Fiserv enables unparalleled ease of adoption and deployment for financial firms seeking to white-label our Powered by Marstone solutions, including digital -advice,” said Margaret J. Hartigan, CEO and founder of Marstone. “As part of our integration, we will leverage the security, stability, and scalability of the Fiserv technology, and be able to reach the vast number of custodians already connected to Fiserv globally.

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