FirstMacro launches premium FX research portal with London Capital Group

London Capital Group is first broker Joel Kruger’s FirstMacro will link to.

Former senior FXCM currency strategist Joel Kruger has gone freelance and has launched a new FX research portal called FirstMacro. The idea, in a nutshell, is to provide premium FX research services based on Joel’s work, and to make money by enabling traders to link directly to selected brokers and effect their trades directly from the FirstMacro website.

The first FX broker working with FirstMacro is UK-based London Capital Group, basically acting as a betasite for the company. However we expect FirstMacro to sign up other brokers as well in the coming months.

FirstMacro is the latest in a series of FX trading related ideas we’ve seen, aimed at bringing best-of-breed- research and services to FX traders. A very similar approach is being taken by FX app store Tradable, allowing traders to pick their favorite apps for charting, research, signals, alerts, etc., and still trade via a broker of their choice. We wouldn’t be surprised to see FirstMacro at some point decide to launch a Tradable app, and get access to Tradable’s growing list of both traders and brokers.

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