Ambo crypto wallet launches on the Apple app store

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Ambo has just announced that it has launched its cryptocurrency wallet on the Apple App Store, which acts as a fiat gateway to the Ethereum token economy. The company was founded by Jai Bhavnani, joined by CTO Richter Brzeski and CMO Jack Lipstone, and has been recently acquired by MyCrypto.

None of the decentralized financial protocols built on the Ethereum protocol were able to replace central banks because they were just too difficult to use,” said Jai Bhavnani, CEO of Ambo. “In order for billions of people to take advantage of a decentralized financial ecosystem, they first have to be able to understand it and easily access it. The launch of Ambo represents a significant step toward this future.

Ambo’s clients will now be able to:

  • Deposit native currency straight from their preferred bank or debit card
  • Deposit Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens from another wallet
  • Buy and sell over 170 different tokens
  • Fulfill a payment request from another individual
  • View market predictions
  • Stay up to date on news in the ecosystem

Beta testers for Ambo spanned 15 countries, and when we saw users spending an average of 15 minutes and 58 seconds per day on the app, we were stunned,” commented Jack Lipstone, CMO of Ambo. “Compared to the average phone user in the United States, according to Appannie, who spends just under five minutes on retail banking apps, seeing users engage with the app 3x the industry benchmark has been hugely validating.

Taylor Monahan, Founder & CEO of MyCrypto, said the following:

Ambo is one of the first products in blockchain without a totally terrifying user experience. The emphasis on ease-of-access and comfortable UX removes fear from the equation, and we’re excited to see how it grows over time.

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