First Derivatives launches Delta Tools for Calypso

First Derivatives Delta suite is used for many forex related things, and helps regulators monitor retail FX firms which includes assisting ASICs compliance monitoring and as a real time surveillance system

First Derivatives, a leading provider of software and consulting services to the capital markets industry, announces the launch of Delta Tools for Calypso for managing and controlling the industry leading Calypso platform used widely by financial institutions for cross asset trading, risk and processing.

The comprehensive suite of monitoring, testing and application management tools enable clients to automate and streamline the implementation, rollout and on-going management of Calypso applications and their operating environments. In addition to simultaneously reducing support costs and improving quality though automation, Delta Tools for Calypso enable organisations to ensure that daily operations proceed as planned, exceptions are processed efficiently and the risks associated with changes, upgrades and enhancements are minimised.

Keith O’Brien, Head of Calypso Practice at First Derivatives, commented: “Not only are application managers and desk owners looking to ensure that mission-critical systems  like Calypso are running optimally, so too are regulators and internal audit – and they also want proof. It is only through tools and automation that the required consistency and accuracy they want can be achieved. That is why we developed Delta Tools for Calypso to provide the visibility and control they need.”

The tools address the complete application lifecycle and environment in which Calypso operates:

  • Comprehensive and flexible regression testing capabilities accelerate initial implementation
  • Tools to track and manage configuration settings minimises deployment risk
  • Testing tools provide automated quality assurance of new and existing functionality
  • Complete data synchronisation that fully replicates events across engines makes parallel runs more realistic and complete
  • On-going operations are tracked and monitored for errors or processing bottlenecks.
  • Daily operations are enhanced by monitoring tools to ensure all systems and processes are running optimally and reconciliation tools ensure they are complete and accurate

Further tools can execute stress tests and performance checks to identify processing thresholds and where coding or configuration changes may affect system performance.

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