Fashion meets Forex – FashionTV launches FTV Trade using TRADOLOGIC platform

Binary options technology provider TRADOLOGIC has entered into a partnership with Fashion TV in order to create FTV Trade, which the company has stated is the first forex and binary brand for the fashion television industry.

According to TRADOLOGIC, a company which has explored some diverse market segments this year, including the provision of two land-based terminals which have taken binary options platform provision
across the boundary from financial markets to gaming, this particular new partnership is unprecedented in the binary options world, with Fashion TV having conducted a careful research on the financial trading software providers upon entering the new business area before selecting TRADOLOGIC’s solution for its brand FTV Trade.

tradologicTRADOLOGIC considers that there is more than one reason why the partnership with FTV is hugely advantageous for TRADOLOGIC and its partner, with branding being a key point. The use of FashionTV’s brand name is a major factor for the firm, with the company having considerable popularity in Asia, Europe and the Arab world.

Other factors include a VIP Card and benefits for the VIP traders of the brand, as well as motivation for conversion and retention in the form of a loyalty program, as well as the ability for IBs and affiliates to use the FTV logo. This in turn enables a higher profile and advertising opportunities including promotions on the TV channel , website and FashionTV social network.

As far as operations are concerned, the brand FTV Trade will be managed by a third party operator, with TRADOLOGIC set to receive royalties for the software, with the brand open to branching into new territories and subdomains which are region and nation specific, and the product range will not just be restricted to binary options, but will also extend into retail FX.

FTV Trade is set to launch its operations in January 2015, and will also provide other brands using the brand name fashionTV and FTV. TRADOLOGIC completed the partnership agreement via the third party entity but retains the right to provide a license worldwide, assisting TRADOLOGIC in its goal toward enabling a good brand with high quality technology, thus ensuring revenue via software license fees.

For the full announcement from TRADOLOGIC, click here.

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