EXNESS registers FX volumes of $194.5B in Sep 2015, client accounts rise

Retail Forex broker EXNESS, staying true to its reputation of a transparency proponent, has just reported its key operating metrics for September 2015.

The results broadly reflected the picture that the FX industry has displayed so far in terms of trading volumes: a decline in monthly terms, as September was a calmer month with regard to market volatility than August, and a rise in annual terms. Worth noting is that the broker managed to become more attractive to clients, as new customer accounts staged a rise from August levels.

EXNESS’s monthly Forex volumes for September 2015 amounted to $194.5 billion, down 3.5% from the $201.5 billion registered in August 2015. The result was, however, 1.1% higher than in September 2014, when FX volumes totalled $192.4 billion.

The number of new accounts at the end of September 2015 was 29,496, up from 29,068 registered in August 2015.



To view details about EXNESS’s performance metrics, click here.

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