EXNESS publishes audited monthly volumes for November

Independent audit company MAP Audit has assessed the trading volume achieved by retail FX firm EXNESS for November 2014. The total trading volume for this month was 163.7 billion USD.

The company publishes its monthly volume figures during the first week of each month, before submitting them for audit. On November 1, LeapRate reported that the company had achieved 163.7 billion USD in volume in November, a figure which has now been audited. In addition to the actual volume, the audited report contains other factors which are important regarding the company’s monthly performance, including the number of new accounts opened in November, standing at 23,872, which remains high relative to the year’s monthly average.

The maximum daily trading volume was recorded on November 12 at 10.2 billion USD. Clients’ trading preferences remain the same: EURUSD, USDJPY, and GBPUSD are the most popular instruments, though the Japanese yen surpassed the British pound this month.

EXNESS is the only non-publicly reporting FX company whose trading volume, since 2014, has been confirmed by independent auditors, these being Deloitte and MAP Audit. The company’s initiative to publish monthly trading volume reports promotes transparency with clients and partners, which in turn approach fosters increased trust from traders and elevates the transparency of the currency market as a whole.


For the full, audited report, click here.

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