Exness maintains leverage and client margin levels leading up to the US election

exness-logoBucking the trend, CySEC and FCA regulated retail forex broker Exness has decided to maintain leverage offered to clients as well as margins required on new and existing trades.

We’ve been reporting lately on a number of leading retail forex brokers’ activity leading up to the US election, with most firms deciding to hike required margins and lower leverage, until the results of the US Presidential election are known – and how currency and equity markets react the day after.

Interestingly, Exness did something similar around the Brexit vote, leaving margins and leverage intact when many other brokers took a more conservative approach.

Exness sent the following note out to clients:


Margin requirements for USD instruments remain unchanged

Dear Clients,

We would like to inform you that there will be no changes to the current margin requirements and leverage rules for any of our instruments on US Election Day, which is taking place on November 8.

All currencies are, however, expected to see increased volatility on this day, including during its lead-up and aftermath, therefore we advise all clients to practise conservative trading strategies.

All margin requirements and leverage rules are available on our website.

Should you have further queries, please contact our Support team at [email protected]

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