EXNESS increases transparency, confirms volumes via third party audit

Feedback we’ve received over the past several months has indicated skepticism in certain parts regarding monthly trading volumes being reported by Retail Forex broker EXNESS. EXNESS has grown to become one of the Top 20 Retail FX brokers worldwide, with monthly trading volumes reported in the $150 billion+ range the past few months, including June’s record $185 billion.

To combat these skeptics, and to increase awareness and transparency, EXNESS went out and hired independent auditing company Meritorius Audit Limited, part of the MAP S.Platis Group, to review and audit its reported trading volume metrics.

Meritorious’ report confirmed EXNESS’s volumes for the January-April period. Their full report can be downloaded here.

We applaud EXNESS’s efforts, and encourage other brokers to become more transparent to traders as well.

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