Exness extends offering for unlimited leverage trading accounts

Regulated forex broker Exness today announced developments which will substantially improve client trading and allow more freedom and flexibility to apply their trading strategies without hindrances and limitations.

Exness currently offers unlimited leverage to clients on Cent, Mini and Classic accounts, from Monday 00:00 GMT to Thursday 23:59 GMT.

As of Sunday, December 25th for trade date Monday, December 26th, the time scale in which clients are able to use unlimited leverage will be significantly extended, allowing them to take advantage of their unlimited leverage at all times, with the exception of when they open new positions during particular periods where margin requirements are higher.

This extra time where clients can utilize unlimited leverage means that they will not have to deviate from their current trading strategies every week.

Unlimited leverage empowers traders by allowing them to trade with negligible margin, open more positions and bigger lots, and try more strategies.

Exness reported that its unlimited leverage feature has been a great success for clients for over six months now, so they intend on extending every opportunity to use it.

In their latest volume metrics for November, Exness reported its FX volume saw a slight 2% increase MoM from October to $212.2 billion.

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