Execution and research brokerage ITG unveils FX trading cost index app

ITG (NYSE:ITG), leading execution and research broker, today announced the launch of the ITG FX Trading Cost Index Application, an innovative new tool for Foreign Exchange traders and portfolio managers. Updated daily, the ITG FX Trading Cost Index estimates the average cost of liquidity for 20 common currency pairs, taking into consideration the intended time of trade and notional trade value. The index also provides dealer and ECN calculations based on historical costs, adjusted for recent trends in cost levels and implied volatility.

“The ITG FX Trading Cost Index Application is the first of its kind in the foreign exchange space, leveraging the power of ITG’s industry-leading FX transaction cost database,” said Ian Domowitz, ITG Managing Director and Head of Analytics. “The app is a free and easily accessible reference tool for investors who want to quickly check estimated FX trading costs.”

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